Digital Marketing Trends

Ad-spends on Digital marketing is increasing and effectiveness being measured through better SEO (Search Engine Optimization), personalization, usage of technology, chatbots for action, better targeting, usage of personalised apps etc.

  1. Communication with chatbots – as it is simple and help the web users to find what they are looking for. It saves their time, enhances customer satisfaction and also provide interactive and humor to the site visitors.
  2. Effective usage of private messaging apps by brands for connecting with its customers directly
  3. Next gen SEO – Google has come up with BERT ( Bi-directional Encoder Representations from Transformers). This is a deep algorithm related to natural language processing. This makes Google Search engine smarter and they are able to answer the complicated search queries better.
  4. Personalization– to enhance experiences of customers as done by Amazon, Target, Netflix, Nike and Spotify.
  5. Improvement of Targeted advertising – Companies are being more usage…

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