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A blog where management students can discuss and enhance their knowledge through an intriguing approach which may lead further through better discussions and postings. This blog has been created to transgress the learning to students with a better approach and change the rote learning happening in most of the MBA classes to an experiential learning. This will sensitize the students and help them to adapt the trends of the market and learn from the case study and stories mentioned in the blog. This will also give them an understanding as how the market and business leaders are adapting further to enhance value in their companies and markets.

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Rising levels of Education and Unemployment Share

The cause of concern today is the rising share of unemployment across the country in 2019, by educational qualification. As per the study done by Azim Premji University (www.statista.com), 14.2 percent students are unemployed across India in 2019. This is a cause of concern because students with higher qualifications are not able to get the … Continue reading

Digital Marketing Trends

Originally posted on profnaushadm.in:
Ad-spends on Digital marketing is increasing and effectiveness being measured through better SEO (Search Engine Optimization), personalization, usage of technology, chatbots for action, better targeting, usage of personalised apps etc. Communication with chatbots – as it is simple and help the web users to find what they are looking for.…

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